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children's services fund
assessment + brand identity

about the client

Children’s Services Fund is a new way to support child well-being projects. While they are funded by a Jackson County sales tax, they are a stand-alone organization led by an independent board. They are committed to community equity. Their board is balanced to reflect our county, and we work to educate and support all applicants, so everyone—including small organizations and first-timers—has a fair shot at funding. They believe in fresh solutions, constant progress and collaboration. Their work allows us to see the whole-county picture, so we can connect like-minded partners and promote new collaborations.

CSF strives to be ethical, accountable, innovative, collaborative and inclusive with a  vision is to create community, fairly distribute funds and openly advocate for the emotional and social well-being of Jackson County children.

hear from children's services fund

“If you are considering Fervor, trust the process. Patience now, leads to a stronger product later. Listen to them, they are experts. But don’t hesitate to voice your own ideas and vision, they love that too.”

Executive Director | CSF

fervor + children's services fund

Children’s Services Fund of Jackson County showed up at the Fervor offices named Jackson County Community Children’s Services Fund. They were in need of a full brand messaging platform, brand identity, website and help to connect with their ideal advocates. We fell in love with the amount of impact they were already having even in a short time span so of course, we said yes to helping them through this process.

We went straight to work.

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