work spotlight:
cross international
end-of-year giving campaign

about the client

Cross International (CI) reaches those in deepest need around the world, helping them thrive. Through longstanding partnerships with local Christian ministries working in their own communities, CI empowers generous believers who give financial and prayer support to strategically advance the gospel and bring transformative change. CI’s passion is to transform the needs they see into a new reality: healthy children with joyful smiles and inspired minds; communities with clean water, nutritious food, and strong families; and hearts full of hope for the future.

hear from cross international

“Fervor was a big reason our end-of-year campaign exceeded our goals. The Fervor team deserves a big shout out for making it possible–both for their guidance and for the partnership with our team here at CI. We’re so grateful for the work they do to make such a difference at CI and throughout the world!”

VP of Advancement | Cross International

fervor + cross international

Their end-of-year giving campaign is a key opportunity for Cross International (CI) to connect with donors and fund critically important work around the world. In 2019, CI looked to Fervor to help them bring their end-of-year campaign to life through strategic marketing and content delivery. Working closely together, Fervor and CI expanded the campaign to reach a wider variety of donor segments than ever before. We used a carefully selected combination of direct mail, email, digital and social media advertising, and organic social media content. Increasing the campaign’s reach was no small undertaking, as the entire Fervor/CI team was working on an accelerated timetable.

We’re thrilled to report that the campaign financial targets were not only met, they were exceeded! By including the entire donor base in the campaign, CI saw expanded participation and an exciting number of first-time donors. Fervor also introduced some new-to-CI social media approaches as part of the campaign, giving the team the opportunity to test and identify possible approaches they could integrate into future efforts.

But the sweetest part of the campaign’s success? The impact of all those donations to help so many around the world. That’s the kind of success we love most.

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