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Disciples Made is a movement-generating discipleship pathway that was created inside of a prevailing model church, not against it. They love to serve leaders who have gathered a crowd but are not satisfied with their results in disciple multiplication. 

Their suite of comprehensive disciple-making experiences are designed to bring real transformation to a faith community. Modeled after Jesus’ disciple-making rhythms, their experiences teach spiritual habits; build genuine community; encourage high investment; multiply leaders; and unleash people to become missionaries where they live, work, learn, and play.

fervor + disciples made

Our mission for Disciples Made (DM) was to clarify their messaging.  In addition to the Disciples Made brand, they also had an assortment of training groups, an online assessment tool, and a mobile app.  The client noted that people had a hard time understanding the uniqueness of each “product,” as well as how it related to the others. To add to the confusion, the mobile app had its own dedicated website and distinctive branding.

To help bring clarity, we reorganized and rewrote the content on their homepage and “Experiences” page, which outlines DM’s offerings.  We shifted the homepage focus from describing DM’s overall goals to a clear presentation of their brand as a suite of experiences.  The “Experiences” page was rewritten and reformatted to display each “product” clearly and in contrast to one another, highlighting the uniqueness of each. A description of the mobile app was moved to this “Experiences” page, and its former site was redirected to this page. Clear calls-to-action were added throughout the site, linking to pricing information and the contact page, where appropriate. The result was a streamlined, straightforward presentation of DM’s valuable offerings in a comprehensive way.

Since the website’s launch (April through June 2020), traffic to the “Experiences” page nearly doubled (92%) compared to the same timeframe in 2019. Fervor is delighted to see how the clarity of the message has drawn more interest to DM’s suite of experiences.

hear from disciples made

“With Fervor’s help, we were able to create a website that potential clients come to with much more of an understanding of who we are and what we offer. This saves us a lot of time and energy, and the response has been ideal—less contacts with greater closure rate. The website is a filter for the clients who are looking for something that we do not provide, and an inspiration for those who are at the front of the innovation curve with us, which I believe is marketing at its finest.”

Founder and President
Disciples Made
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