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Even in the best-run organizations, leaders are limited by both their corporate culture and their finite experiences. As C-Suite executives lead, Executive Advisory Partners comes alongside and complements the executive’s knowledge with a wide breadth of expertise. They’ve been in the senior executive chair, owned the sales number, managed the budget, and been accountable to the board. They’ve made the mistakes, seen what works and what doesn’t. They’ve got the stories, bruises, successes, and failures to help leaders successfully navigate an opportunity—or crisis.

Executive Advisory Partners covers all aspects of business, including visioning, corporate and product strategy, product development, technology, finance, operations, and sales and marketing. They have a proven track record and a unique ability to produce results. Whether it’s a small for-profit trying to grow its organization, a large public company entering a new market, or a nonprofit looking to reach a new audience or working through a founder transition, EAP knows what executives are going through and walks beside them so they don’t have to go through it alone.

fervor + executive advisory partners

Executive Advisory Partners came to Fervor in need of a new website that was clean, professional, told a clear story, and was easy to navigate. Their previous site lacked a professional look and relevance for CEOs and C-Suite employees alike. Through our web discovery process, we narrowed in on EAP’s primary goal: credibility. We went straight to work to highlight their breadth of expertise through proof points and client testimonials, and showcased a wide variety of industries and organizations they’ve helped with their work.

Additionally, the concise messaging and professional design of the site allowed for bite-sized, easily digestible content that gets CEOs the information they need to make an informed decision about working with EAP. We’re excited about their new website because it’s helping our friends at Executive Advisory Partners do their amazing work!

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Steve Maegdlin

“Fervor’s process, creative and technical capabilities, and the character of their people have enabled us to launch a new brand and website that we are very excited about.”

Founder and CEO
Executive Advisory Partners
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