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Max Lucado says he “writes books for people who don’t read books”. Even so, his best-selling books have sold 100 million copies across 54 languages worldwide. Perhaps Lucado is converting non-readers with his poetic storytelling and homespun humor and readers can sense that his encouraging words flow from the heart of a pastor.

The teaching ministry of Max Lucado, UpWords Ministries, is dedicated to helping people take one step closer to Jesus.  Through the support of God, friends, and ministry partners, UpWords® carries out these simple but important outreach efforts:

  • UpWords® daily one-minute radio feature enjoys 2,000 releases in the USA, Canada, and 22 other countries. The program has been on the air for over 25 years.
  • A weekday devotional is received via email and social media by over a million people around the world.
  • UpWords® sponsors opportunities for Max to share the gospel through special events.
  • Upwords® provides resources for a variety of ministry purposes each year.

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Cheryl Green, Director of Development, explains why she has full confidence in the Fervor team to facilitate marketing efforts for Max Lucado.
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Max Lucado has been a client of ours for over 5 years and in that time we’ve been blessed to serve this ministry in several diverse ways. Today, we take care of the millions of monthly visitors to and have redesigned their online experience. We send over 100,000 emails each day as part of the daily devotional (having automated some key elements). We are always focused on supporting Max Lucado’s full book list and provide our expertise for UpWords Ministries’ year-end giving campaign.

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