work spotlight:
national christian foundation email campaign

about the client

The National Christian Foundation believes God is moving hearts to give like never before, around the corner and around the world. So they want to be there—on the front lines of this modern-day generosity movement. Through regional offices around the nation, like the Heartland and Rocky Mountain offices, they serve givers and help them maximize their generosity potential. Their vision: Every person reached and restored through the love of Christ. Their mission: Mobilizing resources by inspiring biblical generosity.

Fervor + NCF Heartland & Rocky Mountains

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the National Christian Foundation’s national office implemented weekly communication, focusing on the themes of generosity and loving those around us in times of crisis. To communicate with regional givers in a more timely and relevant way, Rocky Mountain and Heartland offices also introduced a special series, titled “Responding in Generosity”. 

Fervor helped develop a weekly series that both complemented national communications and offered local insight and support during extraordinary times. The messaging enabled givers to continue to be strategically generous at a time when generosity was needed by highlighting the work of local ministry partners and offering ideas about ways to make an impact. The vision for the series was to do more than add to an already noisy climate, but instead be humble partners in finding encouraging acts of generosity, discovering opportunities, and making thoughtful decisions toward giving and loving action. 

Each email in the series featured a Focus Message, Partner Spotlight, and Tips for Responding in Generosity. A consistent signoff conveyed the idea of “generosity in scarcity” to add a sense of continuity to the series. The Call to Action message from the NCF team offered support, help, and consultation as givers navigated their way through these days.  To help emphasize that these emails were part of a special ongoing series, Fervor created noticeably unique visual elements.


results achieved

The content and cadence of the “Responding in Generosity” series enabled the client to stay closely connected with their key audiences even during a time of uncertainty, disruption, and potential disconnect. Through a focus on a positive response, grounded in generosity, they were able to communicate a timely message that also reinforced the deeper elements of NCF’s brand platform and promise.

Average open rate for “Responding in Generosity” was 12% higher than NCF’s already strong email open rate.

Average audience click-through rate increased by almost 3%.

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