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unite kc brand identity

about the client

Born out of conviction to fight evil with good, Unite KC focuses on taking action that prompts heart transformation, builds community, and ultimately leads to racial reconciliation. It’s based on the belief that human beings working together for the common good, treating every person with dignity, and honoring each other’s God-given uniqueness is the only true path to racial reconciliation. They promote meaningful interactions, taking actions together for our community, and working toward a common purpose.

fervor + unite kc

When a small team of leaders in Kansas City approached Fervor to help provide a brand identity for an envisioned cultural movement for racial reconciliation, we were delighted. Because the movement was still taking shape, we didn’t have a lot of information to work from. But as usual, we were up for the challenge.

We quickly learned about the heart of Unite KC’s mission and vision, which helped guide us in developing their unique brand identity. At the center of our creative focus were the key phrases we consistently heard: common good, community, connection, Holy Spirit-led change, and Gospel-fueled compassion. With this rich inspiration, we developed recommendations for a logo, color palette, and brand guidelines that perfectly expressed the driving mission of Unite KC and the optimism and commitments being made to transform hearts. 

As they declared in their brand launch, Unite KC’s powerful mission now has a brand that will change the city. And Fervor is proud to be a faithful partner with them.

hear from unite kc

Dayton Moore

“Fervor stepped in to help us build a brand that will change the city with Unite KC. These guys are truly committed to making organizations like ours better.”

Dayton Moore

Royals General Manager
Founder Unite KC

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