Winning Inside First with the Culture Impact Assessment

It has been said that great CEO’s look up and out, while COO’s look down and in.

In a similar way, our Brand Impact Assessment seeks external growth for your company, while our Culture Impact Assessment analyzes internal growth.

The Culture Impact Assessment™ examines company culture, internal communications and sets the stage to win inside first in just eight weeks.

We have found that when you win inside first, you stand a much higher probability of winning in the marketplace.

Ideal Advocates™ are key, and the Culture Impact Assessment™ looks at Ideal Advocates™ inside your own organization. We see many leadership teams miss the mark – they step around their own employees or other inside advocates to chase new ones. At Fervor, we define Ideal Advocates™ as cultural connectors that:

1. Have a personal connection
2. Have a shared experience
3. Are prepared to share

These traits are what makes Internal Ideal Advocates™ some of your best assets.. The worst thing we can do for growth is underutilize them.

Our Culture Impact Assessment™ works like this:

  • We help create your Internal Ideal Advocate™ profiles so we have clarity on the best type of internal employees, stakeholders and people we want to help carry your brand’s culture. Let’s keep out the culture critics and detractors and welcome employees who will represent your culture. But first, let’s get to know their hearts and minds. Did we mention we kick it off with a happy hour? Oh and a killer culture survey.
  • To win inside you’re going to need an internal message platform. We take an organization’s existing mission, vision, and value statements and put them into a core brand message that internal advocates can sink their teeth into. It’s simple but powerful.
  • We conduct a Scorecard Audit of your internal communications. Are you engaging your Internal Ideal Advocates™ regularly so they’re prepared to communicate needs to the rest of the team?
  • Investigative one-on-one conversations, site visits to see the culture in action and examining advocate online tendencies will help you see the power of this internal process.
  • The final component is a 12 to 24 month internal communications plan – some of the components you will accomplish in two weeks and some will take two years to complete, a good plan has short-term and long-term tactics.

Sounds like a lot. It is. But you’re not alone. We walk with you in that process and work relentlessly to enhance your company culture and amplify growth.

Winning inside first.

It’s become a mantra of Fervor’s, and we want it backing your organization as well. Invest in your team – they will invest in your mission.

Who doesn’t like a win-win?

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